If you have made use of the correct cleaning and sealing essentials for maintaining your brick driveways and pathways then no less than four functional features will be part and parcel of the process. Your brick paver cleaning and sealing will, or should, include two known brands in the form of Surebond and Techniseal, a registered trademark. These two important members of your brick pave-way cleaning team will improve your ability to do the following four things.

During your required cleaning processes, you will now be able to remove ground-in dirt and efflorescence. If you always have one or more cars parked in your driveway, you will be able to remove typical grease stains and motor oil. In any case, to avoid such irritating leaks, you should have your car serviced on a regular basis. Speaking of such things, reminds us of another feature of using the correct cleaning essentials for all your brick surfaces, exterior and interior.

You can now remove most rust stains, previously very difficult to remove with other ill-advised solutions. Garden paths paved with bricks become pleasing to walk along and even more pleasing to look at when grass, moss, and especially weeds are removed and kept at bay, just so long as the new cleaning process is kept going.

Both Techniseal and Surebond are known sealers. They do not allow build up, do not peel or flake like other sealers continue to do. Surface barriers are created against all known to be stubborn stains that are now easier to clean. All you need do in the future is wash off dirt and stains with your spray, just like you would your car. And the bricks last longer now that UV protection is in place.