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Safety First

Security fencing is becoming a vital part of keeping your property safe from unwanted strangers entering your property and taking advantage of what you have worked for, or harming those you love. Of course, there are many other uses for security fencing as well. In any event whatever the use, it is meant to keep people out.

Barbed wire fencing has become an everyday product for most security fencing companies and a best seller for many. A barbed wire machine is used to produce razor sharp designs that will bring harm to all who try to pass through it.

Of course when it comes to barbed wire there is more than one type available, each has a different specification which is recommended for a different application.

Residential barbed wire which is fitted around the home is obviously a lighter duty product meant to keep wanderers or opportunistic passersby from entering your home while giving your home one that isn’t compared to a prison.

Barbed wire applications for prisons and correctional facilities are obviously a heavier duty product that is designed to keep inmates in. Prisons are filled with different degrees of criminal, from petty thieves to murderers and you surely don’t want to make it easy for them to find their way back onto the streets.

There are instances too where barbed wire is put up to prevent people from doing things that will harm them. Perhaps you might find it around high towers or electrical powerhouses. It is meant to prevent people from either climbing the towers with bad intentions or even to be a bit silly but ending in disaster. Electrical powerhouses are dangerous and keeping people out is imperative. Electricity can kill you and is no place for fun and games.